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-  Technical Operations     - Service Support 

-  Information Technology - Management Consulting

- Executive Support - Mergers and Acquisitions - MBA - MS in IT

- Event Planner Certification


San Jose, CA


Repeated success guiding Global Information Technology support with established and emerging technologies. Exceptional talent for launching and managing programs related to business integration, business services, and technical support systems. Leader and motivator of high performing customer service focused teams; able to forge solid relationships with strategic partners and build consensus across multiple organizational levels internationally. Fluent in English and Dutch, varying other language fluencies. Possess a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business and Master of Science in Information Technology (with High Honors), BA in Business Economics, Event Planner Certification

Location? Ideally fully remote able to work anywhere there is a good internet connection and travel to wherever needed but special place in my heart for Maui. Have a number of friends that live there and go there a few times a year. Permanently living there would fulfill a long time dream.

Highlights of Expertise

  • 20+ years leading Global Support programs

  • IT Mergers and Acquisitions Program Management

  • Executive and End-User Services champion

  • Event/Show Management domestically/internationally

  • Vendor & Supplier Relationship Management

  • Employee Recruitment, Mentoring, & Development

  • Documentation (Confluence/MyHelp) Administrator

  • Leader of Business-driven Technology Organizations

  • Comprehensive M&A Program development

  • Training & Development Program creation

  • Service escalations point of contact

  • Technical Troubleshooting & Issue Resolution

  • Creation and Guidance of Global Support programs

  • Strategic & Tactical Business Planning

Oracle - IT Manager, Mergers and Acquisitions (2019 to present) 

Asked by former Director to revive a program which had lost key personnel that supported Brand Marketing at Oracle Headquarters. Later asked to help revamp Mergers and Acquisitions program.


IT MANAGER, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Was asked by former Director to develop a program which ensured that business continuity and user productivity of acquired firms was exemplary, which entailed that all aspects especially technical standardization were accounted for. These included pre-Legal Entity Combination and post-Legal Entity Combination planning, support, communications, discovery, assessment, consolidation, and migration into Oracle in compliance with current security environment.

  • By being involved from the onset of Change-in-Control determined potential risks thus kept the project team informed of risks, weaknesses or opportunities that could potentially impact the success of the project and escalated to stakeholders through regular update meetings.

  • Developed and oversaw transition and integration project management and schedule goals, personnel assignments, held update meetings and other planning. NAA compliance required.

  • Traveled domestically and internationally to meet with acquired firms leadership to set expectations, provide a point of contact for any and all inquiries.

  • Asked to develop ‘Shelter-in-Place’ M&A contingency program due to Covid19 ensuring that acquisitions were handled entirely remotely while still providing for a business focused, positive and cost-efficient experience.

  • Remote program success resulted in decision to handle all M&A activities remotely as possible for cost mitigation.

  • Knowledge Centered Support Administrator (KCS2) - Create, maintain, update and own MyHelp and Confluence knowledge base documentation.

  • Jira Service Desk - Contributor, User Acceptance Testing, documentation creation.



Partnered with Brand Marketing team to define and deliver customized solutions for all technical needs/issues; prioritized support tickets, support queues, and strategic initiatives in this Apple OS X/Adobe Creative Cloud environment

  • Discovery of process, procedures, and expectations set up initially to support high visibility group.

  • Asked to consistently maintain software/hardware downtime to minimum levels to ensure company digital needs were addressed in as fastidious a manner as possible.

ITegra Properties - Owner, Business Development                                                                                               July 2017 - February 2018 Was asked by my wife to set up her Real Estate brokerage company. Made decision to leave GE in order to appease wife and reduce overly long daily commute.

  • Dealing with State and Local agencies, vendors, website creation and setting up email, CRM and other needed systems.

  • Research of investment properties on and offshore, necessitating travel at my/our pace.

General Electric (Digital) – Director, Digital Operations                                                                   San Ramon, CA Sept 2016 – July 2017

  • Leading the IT team of white glove Executive Support and technical support engineers (TSE) at GE Digital headquarters, US and International offices to drive and deliver a focused best in class customer service approach for start-up focused IT support issues, using any and all communication options available, with a sense of urgency and a bias for action.

  • Serving as key resource for Digital Operations. Provided direction, policy and escalation procedures for local and remote teams, served as liaison to end users via the Tech Lounges and ServiceNow ticket queues to define and implement solutions for their technical issues. Ability to interact and influence variety of users and senior, C level management.

  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and organize a high volume of incidents efficiently to enable minimal downtime for customers and leveraged resources optimally, mentored and led them to achieve a high level of satisfaction in the company headquarters/other sites.

  • Analyzed and resolved complex hardware and software issues with a goal to resolve with a minimum of cost and effort to make scalable and repeatable.

  • Chartered to effectively partner with any/all IT functions to deliver business results; to show repeatedly the ability to collaborate with and influence executive leaders across the GE businesses and functions on possible best courses of action to reduce costs while increasing productivity.

  • Set strategic functional direction for the team, served as a resource for customers and the team with regards to policies and procedures. 

  • Established working relationships with vendors to enhance support, and remain topical on industry trends in this primarily Apple OSX environment.

  • Was highly available during off hours to handle urgent issues that arose, proactively worked to reduce incidents based on data analytics.

  • Participated in the training, education, mentorship and development of new team members, provided leadership/technical feedback for special projects.


Answers – Senior Manager, Technical Operations                                                                        Mountain View, CA Jun 2015 – Sept 2016

  • Was “the face of IT”, responsible for ensuring that a superior customer experience and accountability was delivered to all customers/channel partners by promoting a productive and positive relationship with all teams, internal constituents across the organization, and external partners and customers.

  • Managed and led IT Technical Operations, provided a single point of contact for IT services management across US and global offices.

  • Sought out in order to unify four companies into one, after a revenue miss and a major RIF to separate into three eventually wholly autonomous firms.

  • Managed all Vendor Relationships, software compliance, applications and architecture: Active Directory, Google Apps for Work/Better Cloud/Backupify, VMware View, Open Fire Jabber, Slack, JD Edwards, Great Plains, Inframatica, Jira, ESET, Casper, System Center, Mobile Iron, Lync, Cisco UCS, Polycom video conference, Shore Tel phone system, wireless accounts and mobile devices.

  • Managed sourcing of all IT hardware/software, all IT aspects of office moves, IT audits with end goal achieving HIPAA and FedRAMP certification.

  • Streamlined, mentored, motivated, and led the activities of the Global IT team that is responsible for maintaining and deploying various cloud applications and how these relate to users to ensure that these are operating properly/effectively during company reorganization with high attrition.

  • Streamlined, automated, standardized and communicated continuous improvement, procedures, and processes to all stakeholders and ensure key success targets are met to ensure changes are implemented in as a repeatable and non-disruptive manner as possible.

  • Constantly seeking/identifying opportunities for value creation by cost savings, cost avoidance, revenue enhancement and risk reduction.

  • Deploy laptop, tablet & mobile devices in a heterogeneous Windows 7-10/Mac OSX/Linux environment, with Microsoft Active Directory backend.

  • Review and Approve Statements of Work, manage budgets, perform other job-related duties, travel as necessary to remote offices: Mountain View, Ann Arbor, New York City, Tel Aviv, London, Beijing, Vancouver and St. Louis Headquarters.


Oracle – IT Manager, HQ IT Client Services                                                                                  Redwood Shores, CA Mar 2010-Jun 2015

  • Directly managed IT Service Support for Oracle Headquarters regional offices in the Silicon Valley, streamlined the execution of major IT initiatives with staff that was responsible for direction of all HQ Desktop Support, Wiring and VoIP activities.

  • Business partner with all department leads to provide technical consulting services regarding use of computers, networks, mobile devices and VoIP in order to satisfy business needs to achieve ~95-99% internal customer satisfaction ratings quarter after quarter.

  • Coordinator for all Very Large Webcast events and Global IT lead for off VPN webcast solution for company.

  • Training IT staff in exemplary customer service management processes and procedures providing coaching and mentorship to improve effectiveness.

  • Project Manager for Headquarters power maintenance activities in Data Center then entire HQ campus for substation maintenance.

  • Information Technology Point of contact for all Real Estate, Sales, Marketing and Facilities IT projects in the Silicon Valley Oracle offices.

  • Open World 2006 - 2014 PC Clinic manager, Mobile PC Clinic program manager to provide onsite and remote support to users.

  • New laptop/Smartphone/tablet device/software, OS testing, documentation and Knowledge Base creation, vendor escalations.

  • Video conferencing pilot coordinator (Cisco Telepresence/Movi/Jabber) for HQ region in order to reduce travel expenses and increase team interactions which had to this time necessitated travel and time/expense.

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 evaluation and rollout Lead, Windows 7, 8, 10, Apple Mac program manager, Linux user new technology advocate.

  • Mergers & Acquisition – Day 1 orientation, presentation lead, support and acclimation in order to facilitate effective integration.

  • CRM On Demand – Defined, tested, communicated, documentation/content workflows, User Acceptance Testing as Global IT single point of contact.

  • Point of contact for all external vendor recruiting activities for the placement of supplemental resources (contractors) across US


Oracle - Field Services Manager, HQ Desktop Support                                                                Redwood Shores, CA  Jan 2007-Mar 2010

  • Direct, attend, and participate in staff meetings in keeping with all Global Desktop Support issues and develop action/remediation.

  • Act as the Manager between the IT Infrastructure, Business Applications team and the Field Service teams across the US/International.

  • Facilitate early adopter procedures to convert to standards using HQ as a model, develop training, documentation and programs.

  • Develop, encourage, mentor and track training of team members, encourage technical and soft skills training to further their and team effectiveness.

  • Lead the team to “Be the face of IT” and provide World Class technical support and exemplary customer service.

  • Part of the initial Mergers & Acquisitions team to work to present Oracle policies, procedure and culture to recent merged firms


Oracle - Sr. Infrastructure Systems Analyst                                                                                   Redwood Shores, CA Mar 2006-Jan 2007

  • Charged with re-designing and implementing the Headquarters desktop support model to one that is proactive, customer focused, business enabling and in keeping with ITIL standards while reducing costs in every area possible.


Siebel Systems - IT Manager, HQ Client Services                                                                                   San Mateo, CA Jul 2003-Mar 2006

  • Directed IT operations for all employees at HQ and West Coast offices in a proactive, high customer service level based model.

  • Successfully de-centralized Client Services consistently achieved high levels of internal user Customer Satisfaction.

  • Contributed technical recommendations and accelerated IT standards, policies and procedures for user community.

  • Development of a documented, appointment based scheduling system to ensure the highest level of customer service and satisfaction by HQ IT Site Support staff for local and West Coast remote users. Adhered to a “bias for action” as per Tom Siebel’s mantra.

  • Continued management of the technical/functional side of the Executive Briefing Center and Global Audio Visual programs.


Siebel Systems - IT Manager, Global Technology Services                                                                     San Mateo, CA Nov 1999-Jul 2003

Hewlett-Packard - Genesis (Siebel) Application Support Engineer                                                                           

Elan International – Senior Recruiter                                                   

Holland America Line – At Sea, 2nd Maitre’d                                                                                            



Master of Science in Information Technology (with High Honors)                                                                      Golden Gate University, 2011

Master of Business Administration - International Business                                                                                         St. Mary’s College, CA

Bachelor of Arts - Business Economics                                                                                                University of California Santa Barbara

Event Planner Certification

LANGUAGES                                    Fluent in English and Dutch, some Spanish, German, French, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, Japanese


Not actively looking for a change but for the right opportunity (General or Technical Operations, IT Management or Management Consulting, IT Service Support) we could talk. Especially interested in positions that can be entirely remote, with travel scheduled as necessary to wherever.

Send an email with details about any opportunity and will get back to you as soon possible.


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